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Build a Healthier Community during Restaurant Giving Week

Kate A
Posted by Kate A on Feb 22, 2016

As a member of the food community, The Chopping Block not only aims to get the country to cook but also prides itself on taking responsibility for our impact in our local community. Part of that responsibility lies in food rescue and actively participating in the fight against hunger by partnering with Zero Percent to ensure that prepared and perishable food, rather than being thrown away, makes it to the members of our community in need. Zero Percent is based on the fundamental thought that hunger is a distribution issue, rather than a supply problem. There is plenty of food, it simply needs to be directed to those who need it most. The Chopping Block is honored to be a part of the solution.

Did you know that five dollars can provide 15 meals for people in need? It can also reduce landfill waste by 18 pounds and conserve 2,464 gallons of water, according to Zero Percent. Five dollars has a greater effect in the community than most of us could ever fathom. So skip spending five dollars on your morning latte one day this week, and donate to Restaurant Giving Week.

The Chopping Block is excited to be a part of Restaurant Giving Week. When participants donate five dollars to a number of charities this month, they support food rescue, and in turn, building a healthier community. Donations go directly to help cover the cost of safe and reliable transportation and storage for the food that is rescued. Donors are provided a token of appreciation in the form of a redemption voucher than can be redeemed at participating businesses such as The Chopping Block. Donors that elect to redeem their voucher at The Chopping Block will get a branded Chopping Block wine key, and will get to sample wine at our beautiful new wine bar at the Merchandise Mart. Truly a win-win situation!

IMG_5332.jpgRestaurant Giving Week reminds us that each and every one of us can positively impact the community around us. I’m proud to work for a business that focuses on our community by reducing hunger. Join me in giving back and come in and see us for a treat. Click the button below to donate and receive your free treat. Your community will thank you!


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