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Copper Cookware: Worth the Investment?

Posted by Jennifer on Aug 13, 2014

As I sat in The Chopping Block's beautiful Saffron kitchen this morning, I couldn’t help but notice our copper collection was looking a bit, well, dull. Now I wouldn’t say I’m OCD, but when I get the itch to clean, I simply can’t move on until it’s finished, and by finished I mean dazzling. Cue me polishing our entire copper collection…















As I scrubbed away with a mix of soap, water and Steel Glo, I pondered the advantages and disadvantages of copper cookware.

The Perks

  • Copper is beautiful! Okay, that much we know.
  • What you may not know is that copper has superior heat conductivity. Meaning, you can reach very precise heats without dealing with "hot spots" or areas of the pan that get hotter than others.
  • Copper cookware responds almost instantly to changes in the temperature on the stove top, which allows for perfect searing and browning.
  • Copper is also heavy, but not too heavy, so you can move it around with one hand, while securing it nicely on your range.

The Drawbacks

  • Copper cookware is typically lined with tin or steel since copper itself is so highly reactive to food. If you are looking to invest, chose something lined with steel, since tin wears out easier and would eventually need to be replaced.
  • Personally, I am a huge advocate for investing once and not having to replace cookware over time, which is why I recommend investing in cookware with lifetime warranties like Le Creuset and All-Clad. It might be hard to swallow the price at first, but in the end you’re saving a ton – trust me.
  • The other disadvantage of copper cookware, (unless you don’t find this a disadvantage like yours truly) is that copper must be polished frequently. It only took me an hour to get through our entire collection so it’s always a nice project for a rainy day.















At the end of the day, go with what you love. I’m here to shed some light, and hopefully impart a little knowledge for those of us constantly pondering our next cookware purchase. Please reach out if you have any questions about your current collection, or what’s next.

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