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Jennifer Rozman is the General Manager of The Chopping Block's Merchandise Mart location. Her favorite part of her job is sharing her cooking journey with others who are just beginning to explore the culinary world. When she's not taking a cooking class or researching her latest gourmet retail selection, you can find her working off all of the delicious treats the chefs share at hot yoga or on the tennis courts, when weather permits. Dining out at a restaurant she's never tried before is how she rewards herself, as she loves trying new things and celebrating others passions.

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Fall Baking: It's Time for Cookies and Apple Fest Pie

As the temperatures begin to dip here in Chicago, it is important to rejoice in all of the fun fall baking we can look forward to now that we can finally turn our ovens on again! The two desserts I ...

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The Great Bubbly Debate: Champagne vs. Prosecco vs. Sparkling Rosé

Bubbles should not only be reserved for New Year's Eve or special occasions. I tend to enjoy the crisp, fizzy deliciousness of sparkling wine year-round, with and without the addition of orange juice ...

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Greek-Inspired Picnic Fare

What do you do when you discover a small patch of sandy beach on the shores of Lake Michigan that looks essentially untouched? You channel memories of your favorite beaches in the world and begin ...

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How to Make Mango Sorbet in Just 10 Minutes

I made homemade sorbet. Impressed? I know, right! And guess how long it took me? Here's how to make mango sorbet in just 10 minutes.

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How to Throw a Crawfish Boil in Chicago

I have never been to a crawfish boil, nor had I ever even tasted a crawfish until my recent Crawfish Boil class at The Chopping Block. I had no idea what I was getting into (in a good way.)

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Zero Percent Food Waste

Here at The Chopping Block, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. We know that within our kitchens we have the ability to get the country to cook through the hands on ...

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Copper Cookware: Worth the Investment?

As I sat in The Chopping Block's beautiful Saffron kitchen this morning, I couldn’t help but notice our copper collection was looking a bit, well, dull. Now I wouldn’t say I’m OCD, but when I get the ...

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