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Where to Eat if You Happen to Find Yourself in LA

It has taken me a little over 34 years of living to visit LA. The reasons I could give for taking so long include the fact that it is thousands of miles away from most of the places I’ve lived, and ...

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Return to Basque Country for a Culinary Immersion

Nestled within the captivating landscapes of northern Spain and southwestern France lies the Basque Country, a culinary haven that beckons travelers from far and wide. Amid the rugged beauty of the ...

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Go on a Culinary Journey for Pasta Perfection

When traveling to Italy, there is usually a list of foods people must eat while they are in the country known for its carbs: pasta, pizza, focaccia, and biscotti to name just a few. But rarely do ...

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A Chef’s Year in Food

Retrospectives are in abundance this time of year, and understandably so. It's in our nature to want to look back at the year to remind ourselves of everything that happened. As I get older, I find ...

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A Taste of Tuscany: Duck Ragu

After reading Andrea’s most recent blog, and living vicariously through her epic Cook Like a Tuscan culinary tour, I am super inspired by all things Tuscan right now. Plus, Italian food has a special ...

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Carne with an 8th Generation Butcher in Panzano

When I decided to go on The Chopping Block's Cook Like a Tuscan tour this year, one of the most anticipated moments for me was a visit to Dario Cecchini's butcher shop and restaurant in Panzano in ...

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Cooking from a Market in Normandy

I think a lot of times when chefs travel they long to visit local markets and see what kind of excellent produce can be had in an area they don’t usually get to source from. Often times, however,—at ...

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The Internet Has a Croissant Problem

Our vast planet is home to many breads, all of them excellent. This is not to say, of course, that every loaf or example of bread is excellent. No, to be sure there are loaves of bread that I have ...

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