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New Wines, New Classes for Summer

Mary Ross
Posted by Mary Ross on Jun 11, 2018

Warm weather has finally arrived in Chicago, and we’re ready for it! 

At The Chopping Block, we celebrate the season with new wines to pair with new classes, or to bring home for all your warm weather activities and menus.


Culinary Adventure: A Trip to Vietnam 

Combining spices from India, China’s yin-yang philosophy and technique from French occupation, Vietnamese cuisine offers bright, complex and sophisticated flavors. 

Friday, July 6 6pm Merchandise Mart 

Sunday, July 15 5pm Lincoln Square

Thanks to France’s influence, Vietnamese cuisine offers exciting wine pairings. Look for a wine with delicate sweetness to balance spicy yang energy with cooling yin. 

Domaine Emile Beyer, Pinot Blanc “Tradition; 2016, Alsace, France

Inviting aromas of white flowers with just-ripe pear and apple flavors and bright acidity, to pair with the widest range of lighter cuisine including appetizers, seafood, softly spicy dishes, poultry and the lightest meats. $26/bottle 

Dr. Hermann, Dr. H Riesling; 2015, Mosel, Germany

Not too dry, not too sweet with alluring stone fruit flavor, mineral complexity and mouthwatering finish, perfect to balance spicy cuisine and pair with fruity and delicately sweet dishes, including sushi.  $19.50/bottle

In the Heat of the Night

Feel the heat as you create sizzling, South Beach-style favorites. 

Thursday, July 5 7pm Lincoln Square

Friday, July 20 6pm Merchandise Mart

What says South Beach better than bubbly? Our new Spanish Cava adds Latin flair to your meal and a Salsa beat to your step: 

Vinicola de Sarral, “Libertat” Cava  Brut, Catalonia, Spain

Crystal clean & refreshing, for a bright aperitivo and complement to a world of tapas, lighter dishes and general festivity. $18.50/bottle 

La Dolce Vita

Come learn how to create the zesty, soul-satisfying cuisine of Italy. 

Thursday, July 9 7pm Lincoln Square

Tuesday, July 31 6pm Merchandise Mart

Italy enjoyed a Renaissance of winemaking in the 1990’s, and we’re enjoying more every day!  We’ve added these exceptional wines for all your Italian menus: 

Cantina del Taburo, Falanghina, Taburo, Italy

With a gentle, dry palate of stone fruit, white pepper and mineral complexity this ancient grape, grown on Campania’s coast north of Naples, makes a classic aperitivo and exciting match for a world of lighter dishes.  $18/bottle 

Rocca dei Mori “Briaco” Primitivo, Salento, Italy

‘More is more’ in this chewy red, a cousin of America’s Zinfandel, with concentrated cherry and plum flavors, a solid sprinkle of spice and mouth coating texture, for meats and the richest poultry or vegetable dishes.”  $22.50/bottle 

Carpineta Fontalpino, Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy

Elegance balances power, with savory aroma, flavors of raspberry, cherry, clove and meat and characteristically firm tannin.  Serve with red meat. $32/bottle 

Seafood 101: Summer Edition 

What’s your fear of fish? Can’t find affordable options? Don’t have confidence to cook seafood dishes? Hate that “fishy” smell? Our chefs will help you conquer your fears with professional techniques and recipes that reap the health benefits and international flavors of seafood, flown fresh daily to Chicago from the oceans and seas of the world. 

Sunday, July 8 11am Merchandise Mart

Add lemony refreshment to seafood dishes with white wines sporting lemony acidity. 

Domaine Pichot, Vouvray “Le Peu de la Moriette”, Loire Valley, France

Appealing, off-dry flavors of ripe apples, honey and brisk acidity make this world-favorite wine a delicious cocktail and complement to seafood (including and most light dishes. $25/bottle 

Steak is a guest favorite at The Chopping Block, with classes including Steakhouse DIY and Date Night: Italian Steakhouse. 

Serve your steak and all meaty dishes with: 

Iconic Wines, “Sidekick” Cabernet Sauvignon, California, US

Sun kissed, extra-ripe berry fruit with smooth mouthfeel for an ultra-rich cocktail and complement to meats, poultry, rich vegetable dishes and cheese. $20/bottle 

Anne Pichon, Syrah Grenache “Sauvage”, Ventoux, France

Lush aroma of ripe berries and brown spice, velvet texture and pleasing tannin, the result of hand-craft tradition, small production and organic winegrowing. $19.50/bottle 

And if you’re looking for a new Rosé to begin your summer in style, try our Rosé from Spain: 

Bodegas Pinuaga, Rosé of Tempranillo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Expansive aroma with dry-ish strawberry flavor, delicate brown spice accents and appealing tannin from certified organic vineyards.  A versatile complement to appetizers, seafood, vegetables and light meats and a mouthwatering cocktail year-round. $16.50/bottle 


Our wines at The Chopping Block are selected specifically to pair with food, prepared by you during classes or at home. Ask our staff for their recommendation! Don't miss our upcoming wine classes which will teach you how to be comfortable tasting, selecting and ordering wine. 


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