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Pastry Boot Camp

Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the art of making extraordinary pastries. Using classic French techniques with a modern approach, Chopping Block Chef Erin Patsiopoulos will teach you the art and science behind creating these professional, show stopping desserts while making them approachable for any home cook. With a Baking and Pastry degree, a Master of Science in Chemistry, and years of experience as an executive pastry chef, Erin brings a wealth of knowledge to teach you the skills and techniques needed to create professional-quality pastries with maximum wow factor. Don't leave these desserts to the bakeries; with a pro working by your side, you'll learn how to master these delicacies in no time!

Be prepared to enjoy a sit-down lunch during class, and go home with a box of your desserts to share with family and friends.

  • Chocolate-Caramel Mousse Entremet (Multi-Layered Mousse Cake) with Cocoa Nib Brownie Base, Raspberry Jam and Chocolate Mirror Glaze
  • Honey Panna Cotta Tart with Nutty Pastry Crust, Pomegranate Gelee and Pistachio Garnish
  • Key Lime Bavarian with Spiced Pineapple, Graham Cracker Streusel and Coconut Tuile

Skills Covered in Class Include:

  • Making mousses
  • Assembling molded desserts
  • Working with mirror glazes
  • Making hot butter pastry
  • Working with sheet gelatin
  • Making streusel
  • Preparing fruit mousses
  • Working with tuile batter
  • Roasting Fruit
  • Presentation

1-week cancellation policy. Due to the layout of our kitchens and in consideration of your classmates, students will work in groups of 3 to 4 people. Parties of 6 or more will be directed to our private events department so we can accommodate them appropriately.

Please note we do not currently have any Pastry Boot Camp classes scheduled. 

*A non-refundable 10% fee is applied for the operational and administrative costs incurred by TCB on all cooking classes.

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