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Emergency Holiday Dessert

Mike H.
Posted by Mike H. on Nov 28, 2017

Whether it’s a missing ingredient you could have sworn you bought or someone doesn’t bring what they were supposed to for your potluck, it happens every year. Don't let dessert be compromised! Take Thanksgiving for example, you sit down to a nice meal, fall into a bit of a food coma and the pie burns in the oven. Or that crazy relative left it on the roof of the car and a couple of lucky possums are now chowing down on pumpkin pie. Whatever the case, I have a emergency holiday dessert to the rescue! This recipe is simple and can be done with minimal ingredients, most of which you'll already have on hand. 

I like this dessert because it can be done in a pinch and goes great with a bunch of toppings and additives like caramel sauce, whip cream, chocolate sauce, and my favorite ice cream.  

Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

3 Granny Smith Apples

1½ cups Brown Sugar

3 Tablespoons Cornstarch

6-8 slices of bread depending on size

4 eggs

¾ cup milk

1 Tablespoon vanilla puree or extract

3-4 Tablespoons ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon Apple Pie seasoning 

pudding mise en place

1. Dice the bread into bite-size pieces.

2. In a large bowl mix together, the eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and all the spices with the bread and gently mix until the bread has absorbed everything.

3. Spread bread mixture in a baking or pie dish to an even layer.

4. Dice apples and place in a large sauce pan with brown sugar and cornstarch.

5. Heat and stir until a nice pie filling consistency forms.

6. Spread apple mixture on the top of bread layer and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

apple bread pudding unbaked

7. Top with desired topping. 

apple bread pudding

Hopefully you will plan ahead so you are not rushed but this is a good quick fix and a crowd pleaser. The Chopping Block has a lot of great classes to get your dessert skills ready for the holiday season. Here are a few upcoming classes at our Merchandise Mart location:

If you would like to stick with the original best here’s our Owner/Chef Shelley Young's video on how to make our famous Apple Pie.



Also don’t forget for the rest of November, all of our bakeware is 20% off so you can get your holiday baking off to the right start.


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