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Mike H.

Mike H.
Mike Hegedus is a class assistant at The Chopping Block. He loves everything about food, especially eating it. He loves cooking for his friends and family, trying new foods and learning about who is cooking them and why. He is originally from Kansas City and fiercely loyal to his hometown Chiefs and BBQ. Outside of the kitchen he likes to travel with his fiancé, play video games, go hiking, watch movies, and spend time at the dog park or beach with his dog, Indy.

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Moroccan Vegetable Soup

The cliché start to any soup blog in October is always the same. It begins with some form of “it's that time of year again” or “the chill is out so get your ladle out.” All are as ubiquitous as the ...

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Naan Pizza

My wife and I like to play games like “Would You Rather”, the Question game, or Categories - all games you would typically play in the car on a long road trip. We often play these games in social ...

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A Culinary Trip Around Southeast Asia: Part 2

“Once you love it, you love it forever, it grabs you and never lets go.” ~Anthony Bourdain on Vietnam We left off on our trip around Southeast Asia saying goodbye to Thailand and flying into Siem ...

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A Culinary Trip Around Southeast Asia: Part One

It’s never easy to leave such a great and beautiful city like Chicago behind, especially around the holidays. Last year around Thanksgiving my fiancé and I took a trip around Southeast Asia. More ...

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Emergency Holiday Dessert

Whether it’s a missing ingredient you could have sworn you bought or someone doesn’t bring what they were supposed to for your potluck, it happens every year. Don't let dessert be compromised! Take ...

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Sushi Nachos

It all began one night in my apartment. That terrible realization when you have that special someone coming over for dinner and you have nothing planned. My fiancé and I have always loved cooking ...

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