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Asian Boot Camp


  • Velvet Beef Chow Fun with Rice Noodles  
  • Mapo Tofu with Ground Pork and Steamed Rice 
  • Steamed Mandu Dumplings (Cabbage and Glass Noodles) with Homemade Dumpling Wrappers and Gochujang Sauce  
  • Thai Shrimp Cakes with Green Papaya Salad 
  • Japanese Zaru Soba (Homemade Soba Noodles with Nori, Sesame and Dashi-Soy Dipping Sauce) 
  • Okonomiyaki with Pork Belly and Tonkatsu Sauce

Skills Covered in Class Include:

  • Getting familiar with Asian ingredients and techniques
  • Making Asian sauces
  • Balancing flavors
  • Knife skills 
  • Velveting 
  • Stir frying and steaming
  • Working with rice noodles and glass noodles
  • Selecting tofu, shrimp, beef and ground meat
  • Steaming rice
  • Preparing dumpling wrappers
  • Working with Thai curry paste and green papaya
  • Making soba noodles from scratch
  • Griddling

Location: Lincoln Square


Saturday 2-17-24
10AM - 4PM

*A non-refundable 15% fee is applied for the operational and administrative costs incurred by TCB on all cooking classes.

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