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Learn to Cook in 5 Days

Have you always wondered what it would be like to go to culinary school? The Chopping Block's Culinary Boot Camp gives you a taste of a professional culinary program without the lengthy time commitment or heavy financial burden. We are the only recreational cooking school that offers this type of culinary foundation and education without attending a year-round culinary academy. Culinary Boot Camp explores all the fundamental methods of cooking, from basics to advanced techniques, in just five days.  

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Culinary Boot Camp 1 is now available for registration, and all sessions are either Monday through Friday or five consecutive Saturdays from 9am-5pm at Lincoln Square. Fill out the form to see our available dates in 2023 and current pricing. 

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Hear from Graduates of Culinary Boot Camp

"From the moment I registered for Culinary Boot Camp, I knew this was going to be a very special experience. Every person took excellent care of me and went out of their way answering questions, providing support and encouragement, advice, even pouring drinks. This week was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve been cooking and baking for decades, and I learned a ton. If you think you’re a bad cook, come to Boot Camp. If you think you’re a great cook, come to Boot Camp. I’m already planning on coming back for Culinary Boot Camp 2. Fangirl for life!"

~Lisa G. 2023 graduate

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Culinary Boot Camp experience. He has never really learned to cook, and my skills were learned from my mom and grandmother, so very basic. I have never liked cooking and my hope was that I would learn enough to make cooking meals at home more enjoyable. When I initially looked at the class and saw the cost, I did hesitate… but, after taking the class I can honestly say for the level of instruction, time and quality food and ingredients the cost was appropriate. Not to mention, we will be saving so much by cooking at home instead of going out to eat all the time now! After completing this class, I can honestly say I LIKE cooking and am looking forward to trying out my new, mad skills."

~Charlynn P. 2022 graduate

"If you were jumping to the reviews to help solidify your decision to enroll in Culinary Boot Camp (or take any course at The Chopping Block) look no further. I recently completed the 40 hour program, and I was overly blown away. This is top quality, from the content, instruction, staff, setting, food and the list goes on. I learned more than I thought imaginable. I gained so many skills and confidence in the kitchen. I would take it all over again. Be prepared to eat like royalty- and to think, in your own kitchen? I took this course to help prepare me for a food business I have started, I believe I will succeed with these tools in my toolbox."

-Victoria P. 2022 graduate



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