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 Virtual Happy Hours

The Chopping Block has the solution to keep you connected to your team, colleagues, friends or family no matter where they may be: virtual happy hours! 

Our one-hour, virtual happy hours are either cocktail or wine-focused, and we can accommodate up to 300 guests in either type of virtual event executed through the Zoom platform. Our Sommelier and Spirits Expert Christophe Bakunas will lead your group through an interactive, fun and educational seminar into the topic of your choosing. Guests are encouraged to ask questions as they learn about the history of the spirits and wines. 

Virtual Mix-a-Longs

The Chopping Block's private virtual "Mix-A-Longs" events will educate and engage you and your guests while having fun mixing along delicious cocktails in real time with your very own private mixologist guiding you along the way.

Here is just a sampling of topics to choose from:

  • Tour of American Whiskey ~ Belle's Julep and Old Fashioned Cocktails
    Through this virtual educational experience we will discuss the origins of whiskey in America, what makes whiskey different from Bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey and a few amazing cocktails you can make at home.
  • The Surprising World of Tequila ~ Tequila Arette's Margarita and Last Stand Cocktails
    We will educate you by talking through how and where Tequila is made, visit some iconic producers and share with you the surprising origins of the Margarita while making some delicious drinks.

Virtual Wine Tastings

The Chopping Block's private virtual wine tasting events will provide your very own private sommelier to educate you and your guests with fun, entertaining and insightful wine knowledge. Taste and cheers with each other, near or far!

Here is just a sampling of topics to choose from:

  • How to Taste Wine ~ Awaken your senses through the beauty of wine. Explore the sight, smell and taste of different wines and learn how to describe the characteristics that you like in a wine. Understand how wine is made, the major styles of wine and how to taste wine just like a pro!
  • Old World vs. New World ~ The debate between the traditional wine-growing of Europe and the modern methods of the rest of the world is a lively one. Taste wines representing the best of each region and style and decide for yourself whether you prefer old school or new wave in your wine.


Pricing is determined by date, time and availability and ranges between a minimum of $1200.00 - $1650.00, depending on screen count.

Ready to book your virtual happy hour event? Fill out the form on this page to get in touch with us! 

Hear what people are saying about our virtual happy hours

"The Chopping Block hosted a virtual Mix-a-Long event for my global team as part of our annual conference which transitioned to virtual this year. The hour-long cocktail making session was a nice break from the usual virtual conference activities for my guests. Everyone had a blast learning how to build two cocktails as we also learned the interesting history behind the spirits. I would highly recommend a virtual happy hour for anyone planning virtual conference activities, team building events or even just a social gathering of friends or family."

~Jennifer Dries , Valuation Research Group 

Ready to book your virtual happy hour? Fill out the form.

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