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Our wine list featuring fine wines from all over the globe is all about thinking out of the box, so you won’t see these wines on just any store shelves.

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House Wine
By The Glass

Sparkling: Adami Bosco di Gica
NV, vento, italy
Light and crisp, with floral notes and a hint of white peach. Perfect by itself or with light appetizers.
BIN 704830
White: Terredora Falanghina
2013, campania, italy
Vibrant notes of apple, quince and pear with streamlined acidity. A classic white wine to pair with dinner. It's our house white because it's so versatile.
BIN 700031
Red: La Posta Cocina Tinto
2013 mendoza, argentina
Malbec and Syrah varietals. Purple-floral, ripe raspberry and blueberry.
BIN 703408

Sparkling Wine
By The Bottle

Camille Braun Cremant 
Crisp and elegant, with notes of apple and vanilla. Perfect as an aperitif, with appetizers or fried food. 
BIN 701796
La Vida al Camp Cava Brut
Light minerality and acidity with apricot notes and a hint of lemon. This light and effervescent bubbly is great for toasting any occasion.
BIN 705829
Albino Rocca Moscato d'Asti
2013, piedmont, italy
Wonderfully floral and citrusy on the nose, this lightly effervescent moscato strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and refreshing acidity. Perfect for desserts or by itself at the end of a meal.
BIN 705254

White Wine
By The Bottle

Nora Albariño
Refreshing and bright, with aromas of juicy citris, stone fruits and pear. Fantastic with lobster, oysters, or creamy cheeses.
BIN 706297
Château Lamothe Bordeaux Blanc
2013, bordeaux, france
A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion: crisp and refreshing, with delicate aromas. Try it with goat cheese, vegetables or shellfish.
BIN 704205
Babich Sauvignon Blanc
2015, marlborough, new zealand
Crisp and light, with herbal and tropical aromas. Great mineraltiy on the palate. Perfect for salads.
BIN 704207
Taft Sauvignon Blanc
2014, russian river valley, california
Fruity and fresh, with palate-cleansing acidity, pear and citrus aromas. Pair with light foods, especially green vegetables and dishes with citrus. 
BIN 704206
Dr. Konstantin Frank Dry Reisling
Notes of light peach and citrus come together to offer a crisp acidity that plays well against the dry minerality. Excellent with seafood.
BIN 705834
Bozen Pinot Grigio
2015, alto adige, italy
Crisp and mineral, with stone fruit and citrus aromas, this Pinot Grigio has lots of personality. Wonderful with fish, shellfish, light pastas and cheese.
BIN 705320
Cave du Buxy Chardonnay
2013, burgundy, france
Beautifully balanced Chardonnay: crisp, yet rich. Notes of apple and citrus. Delightful with lighter foods, including pasta and seafood.
BIN 705061
L’Oliveto Chardonnay
2013, russian river valley, california
Softly textured on the palate, with richness from aging in oak and a nose of pear. Perfect for cheese, poultry or pasta with light cream sauce. 
BIN 704210
Domaine Pichot Vouvray
Luscious and off-dry, with an acidity that is a perfect counterbalance to the sweetness. Perfect with spicy dishes, pâtes, and aged cheeses.
BIN 503738

Red Wine
By The Bottle

Banshee Pinot Noir
2014, sonoma county, california
Red fruit and rose petal aromas lead into a rich flavor, with dark fruit and great complexity. Complements darker meats and aged cheeses. 
BIN 6002734
J.K. Carriere Pinot Noir
2013, willamette valley, oregon
Flavors of cherry and blueberry combine with spicy notes to create a beautifully complex wine with a smooth texture. Enjoy by itself, or pair with roasted chicken, turkey or mushrooms. 
BIN 701757
La Maialina Chianti
2011, TUSCANY, italy
Perfect introduction to Chiani. Cherry and earth aromas, great acidity, and smooth. Pair with tomato sauce, pizza or a salami sandwich. 
BIN 702409
Valle dell'Acate Nero d'Avola
2004, sicily, italy
An everyday sipper from one of Sicily's oldest vineyard. Fresh and velvety, with hints of smoke and wild game. Pairs with rich meat dishes and grilled vegetables.
BIN 706109
Calcu Cabernet Franc
2013, central valley, chile
Bright red fruits and dark chocolate aromas lead into a smooth medium-bodied wine with a silky texture on the palate. Greak with roasted vegetables, pasta and lighter meats. 
BIN 704872
Mas de Gourgonnier Les Baux de Provence
2013, provence, france
Red fruit and spice on the nose and great complexity and acidity on the palate! A beautiful red that is wonderful with any Mediterranean dish. 
BIN 700035
Clos de la Siete Red Blend
2013, argentina
Black fruits ombine with hints of smoke, with a soft texture and great body. Perfect for grilling, barbecue or that juicy steak. 
BIN 701988
Gouguenheim Malbec
2015, mendoza, argentina
Red fruits, vanilla notes and a smooth texture on the palate make this Malbec a favorite. Enjoy by iteself or with vegetables, meat or cheese. 
BIN 700137
Sweet Spot Cabernet Sauvignon
2012, alexander valley, california
Dark fruit and herbs mark this beautifully ripe Cabernet. Outstanding with steak, roasts and strong cheeses.
BIN 701652
RedHeads Studio Yard Dog Red
2014, mclauren vale, south australia
Strong flavors of dark berries and bitter cherry. Medium-bodied, with good acidity and pleasant tannins. Excellent alongside red meats, grilled eggplant, and strong cheeses.
BIN 704833
Teira Zinfandel
2013, dry creek valley, sonoma, california
Intense dark fruit aromas and a robust texture. A winner with red meats, barbecue, and roasted vegetables.
BIN 706110
Bodegas Obalo Rioja Crianza
2011, rioja, spain
A truly savory wine: red fruit, vanilla, earth. Great balance wand palate-cleansing acide. Perfect for prosciutoo, aged cheese and stews. 
BIN 701756
Chateau Barreyre Bordeaux Supérieur
2012, bordeaux, france
Fruit combines with earthy aromas in this perfect representation of red Bordeaux. Structured yet gentle on the palate.
BIN 703245