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Tackling a Flaky ...

  For many who love baking, homemade croissants represent a particularly challenging prospect. So ...read more

Erica FPosted by Erica F
On Aug 30, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Start Thinking Holiday
No, it's not too early to consider your corporate and personal holiday party options. We're already booking for Q4!
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Armed with years of professional restaurant experience, our chefs are trained to teach and facilitate fun.
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Making sushi at home is more fun than going out. Learn how to DIY in our popular class!  

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Savor Summer
Spend Saturday of the holiday weekend making the most of the last of the season with your sweetheart.
What's in a Sip?
Join us to explore the components of wine and the words wine professionals throw around. You will never be confused about wine again!
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