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Use Quinoa to Make Gluten-Free Gourmet Pizza

  Not many people would be able to say no to a pizza straight out of the oven - the sight and aroma of a well-cooked pizza is enough to make your mouth water.

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My Vegetarian Challenge

I love meat. There it is. Not to make it sound like we don’t enjoy eating vegetables alongside our meat-centric dinners (along with the occasionally entirely vegetarian meal), but my family is a ...

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Amaranth: an Ancient Grain You Should Know

Amaranth is a tiny grain that is indigenous to Mexico and Central America. It has been part of the diet of the native peoples of this part of the world for thousands of years. It can be prepared in a ...

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Why Isn't Everyone Excited about my Vegetarian Diet?

I had a friend from Boston visit this past weekend, and I set out to show her what it's like to live in Chicago. A true New Englander, she arrived wearing the classic LL Bean boots, commented ...

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Camping Food: From Trail Mix to RumChata French Toast

Does anyone remember a movie from the 80’s where one of the opening scenes is a kid packing his duffle bag for camp, when he decides to dump all of his clothes out and fill the duffle bag with candy? ...

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Spring Classes Have Sprung

The brains in the curriculum department have been hard at work busting out new classes for the spring season. We meet twice a month to discuss ideas that are floating around in our heads. Quite ...

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La Grande Vie

I have been doing a little moonlighting lately. On the side during the weekends, I have been cooking at a little place called La Grande Vie, 215 E. Chestnut. The past two months have been quite an ...

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Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s the thought that counts. This Valentine’s Day go above and beyond the typical gift ideas and do something that will last a lifetime. Instead of making 9:30pm dinner reservations at some one-word ...

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An Interview with Santa

Santa Claus is a legendary hero whose identity is as mysterious as the North Pole. I was recently lucky enough to have a conversation with the bearded bloke. Below is just a glimpse into the ...

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I Will Not Stumble into Fall

As fall unfolds and the weather turns, a usual ritual for me is to ignore the gym for the month of October as I take a rest from summer and ease into the cooler weather. I am famous for not working ...

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