Culinary Boot Camp 1
Learn to cook in just one week. Seriously. Our Culinary Boot Camp 1 is a professional culinary school education boiled down to just five days and designed for home cooks.
Culinary Boot Camp 2
Go even further with your culinary education with Culinary Boot Camp 2. You will delve deeper into new subjects and advanced cooking techniques.
Grilling Boot Camp
Get fired up for grilling season by spending two days on our outdoor patio mastering the art of grilling, smoking and slow cooking.
Artisanal Breads
From pita bread to challah, you'll learn how to switch up your bread baking with different flours, whole grains and yeast.
Pasta Boot Camp
You'll be amazed at how simple it is to make fresh pasta. Learn how to master a pasta roller as well as create rustic shapes by hand.
Gluten-Free Breads
Just because you are living gluten free doesn't mean you can't enjoy bread! We'll expose you to the wide world of gluten-free grains.
Clean Eating Boot Camp
Our Clean Eating classes with Wellness Chef Alia Dalal have been so popular, we are now offering an intensive Boot Camp. This day-long class delves into the benefits of a plant-based diet.
Vegetarian Boot Camp
You won't miss the meat in this two-day immersion into vegetarian cooking. Explore flavors and ingredients from different cuisines as well as vegetarian proteins.
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Pastry Boot Camp
Don't leave desserts to professional pastry chefs; with a pro working by your side, you'll learn how to master these French pastries in no time!
Donut Boot Camp
There's nothing like a freshly-made, still-warm donut. Learn the techniques of fried dough and go home with a box full of your creations.
Cupcake Boot Camp

Cupcakes can be right for just about any occasion. You'll learn how to make the prettiest and tastiest miniature cakes.

Pie & Tart Boot Camp

A homemade pie is a labor of love. We've compiled our best pie and tart recipes, tips and techniques to ensure your baked goods are a success.

Sauce Boot Camp
Conquer all things sauce-related, from classic to contemporary techniques, in our most  comprehensive, hands-on sauce class.
Butchery Boot Camp
Tackle meat preparation like the pros and save money by learning how to properly break down poultry, fish and meat on your own.
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