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Making Dessert for your Valentine: Score with Strawberry Pasta

  Box of fancy candies? Cliché. Chocolate covered strawberries? Done to death. Conversation hearts? We're not in grade school anymore! So what to do when you need a unique crowd pleasing... or date ...

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Why Sharing Food is So Special: A Valentine's Day of Memories

  For our past three Valentine's Days together (in three different Chicago apartments; that's real estate for ya!) my boyfriend and I have each made each other a surprise dish to impress each other ...

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A Cheesy Valentine Meal That Can't Be "Beet"

Valentine’s Day is just under two weeks away. Did you forget? It’s easy for this holiday to sneak up on a person, and next thing you know it, you are scrambling to find a dinner reservation. Do not ...

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Macaron Mania

  They’re petite, delicate, colorful and come in endless varieties that melt in your mouth. Yes, I’m talking about macarons! Macarons seem to make any occasion more special, and we’ve certainly found ...

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Homemade Doggy Treats for Your #1 Valentine

  Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and we all know who makes the best valentines… our furry friends! Instead of buying store-bought treats, make your sweet pups some homemade biscuits with ...

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Valentine’s Dreams

Ahhh yes, Valentine’s Day! The day of cupid! The day of love! The day of red colored items! This holiday is slowly becoming one of my top 25 favorite holidays of the year. While I do have a lover, ...

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Valentine’s Day Gift

It’s the thought that counts. This Valentine’s Day go above and beyond the typical gift ideas and do something that will last a lifetime. Instead of making 9:30pm dinner reservations at some one-word ...

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