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A Chef’s Tour of Lyon, France: Part 2

Posted by Linda on Mar 20, 2018


Since my first blog post on Lyon last December, I’ve had a lot of questions on where to find the best kitchenware and the differences between American and French cookware stores.

  • What brands are popular with French cooks? Le Creuset, of course, but also Lékué, OXO, Mauviel and international brands like Demeyere, Durobor and Matfer Bourgeat.
  • How do product features compare and why? Serving portions are much smaller so tabletop items like cups, bowls and plates are smaller too… even utensils like spoons and forks tend to be half as big. Glass is more popular than plastic, and all glassware tends to be heavier. Also, all measurements are in metrics so you quickly learn how to convert grams to ounces and kilos to lbs.
  • Which utensils do French cooks use more than Americans? French kitchens are more compact and kitchenware tends to be expensive so Europeans use fewer pots and pans, and everything in a French kitchen is multi-functional. Also, Europeans use their hands more for food prep than Americans do, and they refrain from touching prepared food with bare hands. They don’t get the concept of “finger food” and prefer to use toothpicks or small forks and spoons whereas Americans are accustomed to eating snacks, pizza, cupcakes and French fries with their hands. 

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite kitchenware shops in Lyon. All of them are open to the public so if you ever visit the city, stop in and take a look for yourself. And don’t be surprised if they remind you a bit of shopping at The Chopping Block. 

Alice Délice

Since 2002, Alice Délice (“Alice”) has opened 29 stores in France specializing in popular kitchenware items. They offer the widest selection of bakeware and baking ingredients, in particular biscuit and cookie cutters in a myriad of shapes and colors, silicone molds for candy and baked goods of all sizes, and baking decorations. Alice is best known for their customer loyalty program “Club Gourmand” that allows customers to accrue points for each purchase and redeem them for products and services. VIP customers are also invited to members-only workshops and events to learn cooking tips and techniques and enjoy extra benefits such as extended product warranties, free samples, exclusive shopping hours and other privileges. Some locations also offer cooking demonstrations, classes and private parties.


Du Bruit dans la Cuisine

With 35 locations throughout France, Du Bruit dans la Cuisine (“Du Bruit”) is the largest kitchenware retail chain in the country and is the go-to place to buy a gift for your favorite foodie. The stores offer a broad array of upscale cookware, bakeware, utensils, spices and seasonings, small electrics and appliances, tabletop décor and personal care items. Each store has a kitchen installed in the heart of the store where the staff demonstrates various cooking techniques every afternoon. In addition to the many recipes available on their website, Du Bruit also sells a wide selection of food-oriented magazines and cookbooks (mostly in French). But perhaps Du Bruit is best known for their “coffrets” or prepackaged kits that contain all of the tools and instructions needed to make French macarons, salads, hors d'oeuvres, pasta, beverages, charcuterie and desserts. They also offer e-gift cards (hmm, that sounds familiar) that can be used at any of their stores.


Michel et Cie

Michel et Cie is where the pros go. For nearly 100 years, they’ve been supplying restaurants and gourmet cooks with commercial-grade equipment, indoor/outdoor furniture and custom design services. Need a robot coupe, sous vide or specialty pan? Michel et Cie is the place to find it. They are best known for their 500+ page catalog of Matfer Bourgeat products, a leading supplier to professional kitchens and food laboratories. Created in 1814, Matfer Bourgeat launches 1,000 new products each year focusing on ergonomics, functionality and design. Each year, 100% of Matfer Bourgeat’s profits are reinvested into product innovation.



La P’tite Cocotte

This tiny little shop was one of the first kitchenware stores I visited in Lyon and it’s still my favorite, even as they’ve expanded and opened seven stores in France. They carry many of the same brands as The Chopping Block – Le Creuset, Rosle, Mastrad, Kai (Shun), OXO, Microplane and more. If you look at the pictures closely, you can even see some of the exact same products (here’s looking at you, Emulstir)! The ambiance is so accessible, warm and welcoming… you just want to linger here for hours and look at every item carefully curated by the knowledgeable staff.



a. simon & G. Detou

4/6 rue de Plat (Bellecour)

I admit, I have a hard time with this store. I’ve never been able to find their website and what retail business nowadays doesn’t have a website? That said, a. simon and their sister store, G. Detou are my go-to shops in Lyon for spices, flavorings, colorants, texturants and seasonings. Here is where you’ll find flavor combinations that you’ve never even heard of – and definitely want to incorporate in your next dish. G. Detou has evolved into more of a patisserie, but a.simon still stocks their shelves with dusty jars and tins with labels I need Google Translate to decipher.


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