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Alphonse (aka Fonze) grew up in northeast Pennsylvania then moved to Providence, RI where he completed a bachelor's degree in Culinary Nutrition with a focus in R&D. While in school, he worked at a farm to table American bistro as well as a variety of other culinary establishments (yacht clubs, hotels, stadiums, catering, etc.). He moved to Chicago to intern at a marketing culinary agency. During the pandemic, he shifted toward personal culinary consulting while also opening two restaurants in Chicago as Executive Chef. He also traveled to Amman Jordan to aid a restaurant chain in redeveloping their menu specials and working toward opening ghost kitchens. He now works as a Chef Instructor at The Chopping Block and as a R&D chef for large corporations. In his free time, he is usually reading up on new cooking techniques, cooking meals with friends, exploring alternative fields of science, enjoying the outdoors, or binging a TV show.

Recent Posts

Pozole Pointers

  Despite its relatively simple appearance, there are centuries of tradition and unique flavor combinations packed into a simple Mexican dish. From endless varieties of fresh and dried chilies like ...

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How Egg Whites Transform Cocktails

  Over the last year, I’ve begun to explore the world of alcoholic beverages and how those flavors/techniques can be used in other mediums. I’ve discovered many amazing things while also tasting some ...

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Butcher Block Time

Throughout my whole life in kitchens, there has always been one thing I’ve wanted to own. It wasn’t a sharp knife, fancy equipment, or even custom-engraved diamond plated knife steal that also ...

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Cold Cooking Gives Us Ceviche

When you hear the word “cooking” what comes to mind first? Is it the clicking of the stovetop as you turn on the flame? The smoky smell of the grill as you hear the sizzle of the food touch the ...

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Koji Marinated Beef

  Did you think using vinegar to make pickles was the only way to do so? Think again as we traverse down an alternative method that provides results that have more flavor and better texture than ...

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A New Way to Pickle

  Koji - what is it? I had never heard of this word until a few years ago. From time to time, I would hear about it from the depths of the kitchen walls as it was quickly tossed into a mix or coated ...

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Nothing Butter than Chicken

  Growing up in Northeast Pennsylvania, I was surrounded by an abundance of delicious and authentic Italian food. I also grew up in an Italian family where if it wasn’t pasta for dinner then there ...

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Crabby Mood

  For those who love shellfish, I've got the scoop for you. Let’s talk about all you need to know when buying shellfish. I’m sure like me, when you first thought about cooking shellfish you have no ...

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French Vanilla Ice Cream For Any Occasion

  Growing up, I ate more ice cream then I probably should have - a gallon a week to be exact. For others, ice cream may have been reserved as a treat, only eaten on special holidays or occasions such ...

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Cheese Wiz

  Ever since I could remember, cheese has been a staple in my diet. From sneaking chunks of mozzarella cheese as a kid to building charcuterie and cheese boards for get-togethers as an adult. I feel ...

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