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Crystal P.

Crystal P.
Crystal Profit is a Northern girl with Southern charm, who has a passion for baking and is a self-proclaimed foodie who reads cookbooks like most people read novels. Nothing brings her greater joy than bringing new recipes to life for her family and friends. When she is not working at The Chopping Block as a Class Assistant, Crystal can be found indulging her other passions – photography, painting and crafting.

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Simply Satisfying Salmon Marinades

Salmon is one of my favorite fish options whenever I go out to dinner. Normally, I am quite satisfied with my selection, and I am often left wanting more but when I went out to eat a couple of weeks ...

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Kitchen Gadget Recipe Remix

Last year for Christmas I asked for a few small kitchen appliances, and my family listened. I was gifted glass canisters, a hand blender with attachments, a dual ice cream maker and new drinking ...

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Dressed Up Sugar Cookies

One of the things I love most about the holidays is the memories that flood my mind from my childhood. My mother and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making sugar cookies. I think my mom chose ...

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Easy and Appetizing Starters for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this year my family has chosen me to be the host, so I’m planning early. In years past, I haven’t bothered with making an appetizer, but that leads to ...

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Baking and Decorating for your Audience

In my circle of friends, I am known as the hostess and cake lady. I consider it an honor that my friends have deemed me their baker for life events whether it be a casual Sunday dinner or a milestone ...

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From Mess to Masterpiece: Cinnamon Roll Correction

Recipes usually have some sort of story attached to them explaining its history, how and why it has been modified, and the most important tips and tricks to make it work in your home kitchen. My ...

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Learning to Love Leftovers

The summer months are not for cooking in my house. I like to take advantage of all of the food festivals, weeknight lakeside dinners, cookouts and light fun meals. But summer coming to a close in a ...

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Watermelon Wonders

My favorite summertime fruit is watermelon and with the recent heat wave, I have plenty in my fridge. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, I think I have eaten the equivalent of one and a half large ...

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Keeping it Simple: Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I was recently invited to a lavish potluck. The host requested that guests bring our best decadent dish along with a card describing the dish. As I read the invitation, my mind started working. What ...

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Signature Scent and Flavors: A Love of Lavender

I remember when the movie First Wives Club came out. I must have watched that movie on cable 50+ times, each time finding a new quote-able line. I think the one quote that made the biggest impression ...

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