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Drake has been interested in food and cooking ever since he can remember, even as a kid watching cooking shows and helping his memaw out in the kitchen. He was lucky enough to have a great culinary mentor and many wonderful experiences in his culinary career. Drake is passionate to share what his learned with The Chopping Block community and to continue honing his culinary skills.

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Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza at Home

Pizza just might be the most recognizable, if not most popular, food in the world! The market for frozen pizza in the U.S. alone is nearly $7 billion dollars with hundreds of brands and styles across ...

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Tasting Table: A New Chopping Block Chef Experience

The Chopping Block is lucky to have many talented chef instructors dedicated to helping the local community and beyond learn how to cook! Unlike other recreational cooking programs, the chefs at TCB ...

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Summer Salsa on the Grill

Spring has sprung, so it's time to get outside and fire up the grill. There is truly something mesmerizing to me about cooking over an open fire, especially with hot coals or natural wood! Growing up ...

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Elevate Any Dish with Microgreens

Made popular by fine dining restaurants, microgreens are a great visual addition to almost any dish. The delicate little greens are basically the seedlings or earliest stages of edible vegetables and ...

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Red Beans and Rice: A Louisiana Favorite

I'm back with another bean edition! I have such a variety of beans stocked up that I might as well pop in every so often with a new bean recipe for you. Legumes have been a big part of my heritage, ...

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Sunday is for Braising

Braising and slow cooking are among my favorite cooking methods. These dishes are full of deep rich flavor, typically come together in one pot, and utilize an array of inexpensive cuts of meat. When ...

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Liquid Gold: Cooking with Tallow

In a previous blog, Making Sense of Cooking Fats, I briefly touch on one of my favorite fats for cooking: tallow. Tallow is rendered beef fat from the kidney and other fatty areas of the steer. ...

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Warming and Hearty Tex-Mex Beef Chili

This won’t be your traditional Texas style chili, but it will contain all of the same rich and spicy flavors you would expect from such. My Tex-Mex chili follows the techniques and flavor profiles of ...

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Fluffy Southern-Style Biscuits

You can never have enough recipes for biscuits, in my opinion. It’s always worth trying out a new batch of delicious flaky pillows of butter-filled dough. As we enter the holiday season, I’ve also ...

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Getting Familiar with Japanese Ingredients

One of my absolute favorite types of cuisine overall is any type of Asian food. More specifically, I love Japanese ingredients and flavor profiles. Japan is well known for sushi and Ramen but the ...

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