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Karen Daugherty

Karen Daugherty
Karen is a marketing and branding professional by day and burgeoning cook by night. She is always on the search for the holy grail of quick, healthy and tasty meals that her family will love. When not on quarantine lock-down, she enjoys keeping on top of the Chicago dining scene, checking out live music and theater, and attempting to make at-home versions of her favorite cocktails. She's excited about helping introduce The Chopping Block's new virtual cooking line-up to home cooks in Chicago and beyond.

Recent Posts

Summer Sides to Center Stage

You’ve heard the description, “the table was sagging under the weight its food”? This phrase is usually attributable to Thanksgiving dinner or summer barbecues, and conjures up the delights of ...

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Your New Signature Summer Cocktail

Most everyone has a signature something: a signature scent, a color that looks great on you, a move unique to you when dancing or sprinting down the court for a layup. I have a Signature Cocktail. If ...

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No-Cook Spring Soup

In my highly personalized and largely antiquated recipe system, there are folders. Started in my twenties, these old-fashioned colored cardboard folders have been stuffed lovingly over the years, ...

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How Quarantining Taught my Kids to Cook

Another Covid-19 quarantine day. Another dinner to plan. Ugh. It had started out with so much promise. Now that my state’s stay-at-home order had eliminated my daily Uber-mom driving duties, I would ...

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