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Leigh is a retail associate at the Chopping Block. With a background in management consulting, she recently left her job to pursue her interest in food, cookware and product design. Leigh is pursuing her Masters in Product Design at Northwestern University, and is working at The Chopping Block to expand her knowledge of cooking and cookware. An avid home cook, Leigh loves to try new recipes, experiment with the unpredictable fare in her CSA and is always on the hunt for the best new kitchen gadget and restaurant.

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An Ode to Breakfast: Greens and Grains

Breakfast is, by far, my favorite meal of the day. My answer to the hypothetical question about the single food I would choose to eat for the rest of my life? Breakfast food, always. (Yes, I am well ...

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Kitchen Pain Point: The Spice Cabinet

I don’t know about you, but my spice collection is one part of my kitchen that I would rather not think about. Most of my kitchen brings me so much joy; I love my wire fruit basket, shelf of baking ...

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An Exercise in Pescetarianism

At the end of December, I decided to go vegetarian for the month of January. And, to be completely honest with you, I technically I opted for pescetarianism, since I allowed myself to eat fish on ...

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An Ambitious Winter Cooking Project: Phở

As we enter the post-holiday period when the seemingly endless supply of Christmas cookies disappears and aspirational resolutions are looming, we Midwestern food lovers have to find ways to fill our ...

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Sourcing the Classics for Holiday Baking

Over the years, my family has curated a menu of holiday “must-haves.” Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potato recipes picked from Gourmet magazines of years past, Christmas beef tenderloin and ...

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Embracing Fall with NorPro’s Apple Master

Fall is often a mere blip in our city’s seasonal existence, before the long winter comes rolling in. Not this year! After a rather mild summer, Chicago is enjoying a slow, warm transition to fall. We ...

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When Life Gives You Cucumbers, Learn How to Pickle

When life gives you cucumbers, make pickles. That’s how the saying goes, right?

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