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Luke Babb, who prefers neutral pronouns, graduated college with a degree in English and absolutely no cooking skills. They now work at the Chopping Block as a Retail Associate, learning as much as they can from the classes here and encouraging others to do the same. When they aren't trying to convince their old friends that there is more to life than slightly-undercooked ramen, Luke spends their time traveling with the PrintNinja Away Team, dabbling in the Chicago live storytelling scene, and attending far too much theater. They live in Albany Park with their partner, Lauren, and an incredibly large aloe plant named Cthulhu.

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Raise a Glass with The Chopping Block

Last year around this time, I decided that I'd apply myself, use the resources The Chopping Block has in abundance, and start really learning about wine and liquor. What a year it's been. Between the ...

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Are You Baking in your Cast Iron Pan?

During my travels last month, I stayed with friends in their new house. As the curator of an amazing museum and an authority on rare books and maps, their lives are full of cool stuff. I expected ...

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Expanding the Palate: Teaching Yourself to Drink (Well)

Back in college, when my friends and I had just hit our 21st birthdays and had more free time and spare change than sense, we decided to figure out the drinking world through random selection. We'd ...

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Throwing an Excellent Wedding Party on a Budget

I wrote about weddings a while back, but that was before I had officially announced my upcoming nuptials to my family. Now six months later, my partner and I are well into the swing of planning ...

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Porking Out in the Mile High City after our Whole Hog Class

As I've mentioned before, I spend a good chunk of the summer traveling. My other job takes me all over the country, and one of the things I always try to do is explore the culinary scene of the ...

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Accidental Grilling in Chicago

A couple of weeks ago, right about when the mercury hit 50 degrees, we rearranged our front window at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square to feature this display. I have never seen so many adults with ...

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Springtime in Seattle for Cooking Inspiration

I have a secret identity. You all know me as Luke, the mild-mannered Retail Associate at The Chopping Block. What you might not know is that, during the spring and summer, I am also Luke, the ...

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