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Maren hails from the East Coast with a background in youth development and social services. She enjoys getting to know the city through various volunteering roles with organizations advocating for the art, culture and people of Chicago. Maren's culinary background consists of dining out in search of THE vegetarian burger, experimenting in her own kitchen, and starting every day with a hearty breakfast. After a meal, she might be nestled in a book, art or hands-on project, working in her own garden, or seeking out live performances.

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Easy Breezy Breakfast Bars

This summer has seen an abundance of juicy and tart blueberries in the city. My mom reminds me that blueberries were the one food that she ate excessively when she was pregnant with me and rightfully ...

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Make Space for Others: At the Heart of Hosting

After every meal at The Chopping Block when entree plates are cleared and dessert is dished, I can hear the intervals of conversation between family or friends and sometimes perfect strangers who ...

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Tuning Out & Plugging In: Crafting Your Music Menu

Cooking and music are two very separate entities that compliment each other in many occasions. As a class assistant at The Chopping Block, crossing back and forth between the back of house and dining ...

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Knife Skills: Breaking in the Cutting Board

“A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one,” is one of the first lessons Chef Hans shares with a full house of 18 students who are curiously comparing knives at their individual stations. Most ...

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