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Trevor Olsen, a chef and Chicago native, brings a passion for global street and comfort food, elevating recognizable dishes with elaborate style. His diverse experience has led him to instructing classes at The Chopping Block with pleasure. Trevor takes immense pride in using cuisine to make special moments memorable, consistently pushing to leave a lasting impression on guests.

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Culture Churn: Making Cultured Butter At Home

Butter is the backbone of most things delicious, but making your own cultured butter opens doors to a multitude of culinary endeavors. It's easy, requiring just a bit of patience and offering a burst ...

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It's Ramp Season

As the spring season unfolds across the Midwest, a wave of excitement ripples through the culinary world as we anticipate the arrival of ramps. These wild alliums, sought after for their delicate ...

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Cheese Sauce 2.0: Sodium Citrate

Have you ever attempted making cheese sauce at home and found it to be a bit of a kitchen challenge? In a world where gluten allergies are on the rise, using a roux isn’t always my go to. And often ...

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Cinnamon Roll Holiday Snowflake

My childhood Christmases and New Year's mornings were practically sponsored by the scent of cinnamon rolls. It was the kind of tradition that set the tone for a day filled with joy and holiday ...

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Holiday Chinese 5 Spice Candied Nuts

When the holiday season approaches, I always get plenty of use out of my home kitchen. One tradition that I hold dear is crafting batches of Chinese 5 Spice Candied Nuts. Whether destined for the ...

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Burnt by Choice: Allium Alchemy

In all my culinary career, few techniques offer the depth and complexity that burnt allium provides. Burnt allium is the practice of charring allium family members like onions, garlic, and shallots ...

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Red Roux

When the cool air of Autumn arrives in Chicago, my wife often longs for her hometown of New Orleans. She misses the lively parades, the soulful jazz music, and most of all, the comforting food that ...

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Tangzhong: The Japanese Secret to the Fluffiest Bread

It was some years back… I was running a kitchen for a brewery on Chicago's Northside, where crafting savory dishes was my forte. Baking bread? Not my usual gig.

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Ditch the Potato Salad: 3 Easy Grilled Sides to Bring to your Next BBQ

The summer is far from over and with plenty of sunny days and warm weather ahead, we can expect plenty more barbeques and backyard bashes with friends and family in the next few months.

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