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Birthday Cake Popcorn with Sprinkles

Posted by Ida on Mar 7, 2018

If there is one skill all employees at The Chopping Block will master, it’s how to make perfect stovetop popcorn. If you have ever been to one of our cooking classes or private cooking events, you’ve probably had some of our signature truffle salt popcorn. From chefs to assistants to retail concierges to dishwashers, we all learn how to make it in house. While I love to make the truffled popcorn (and eat it!), sometimes I like to branch out and experiment with new flavors (when we have a little extra time during class preparation to let the ideas flow through our heads). I like to try and make popcorns that match the theme of the class. For our Tiki Time class, I’ve made chili lime popcorn. For our Touch of Seoul class, I’ve made brown sugar sriracha popcorn. For a kids’ party, I’ve made cinnamon bun popcorn… half of which coincidentally, was eaten by adults. 

I recently worked another childrens' party on a Saturday. While making their popcorn snack, I decided to try something new besides my usual cinnamon bun popcorn. I looked in our cabinet of baking spices (how cool would it be to have a cabinet at home of just baking spices?!). On the very top, I saw jars of individually colored sprinkles. Kids like sprinkles… and I like sprinkles! So I climbed onto the counter with my knees (I’m short), and grabbed every single one of the jars down. I took about 2 tablespoons of each and mixed them together, and had my own rainbow sprinkle mix! 

So I knew I wanted to work with sprinkles in popcorn, so I proceeded to think of what else would be delicious with it… BIRTHDAY CAKE! It seems to be a trendy non-cake flavor these days, which is basically the flavors of butter and vanilla with a LOT of sugar. 

This recipe works with stovetop popcorn, but would also be great for a low sodium microwave popcorn. 


Birthday Cake Popcorn

4 tablespoons non-dairy butter (I made it vegan, of course)

4-5 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste

¼ teaspoon salt (omit if your popcorn is already salted)

4-5 cups popped popcorn

Sprinkles, as many as you want! 

In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add sugar and stir until sugar is mostly dissolved. Stir in vanilla and salt. Let it cool slightly, so it doesn’t completely melt the sprinkles. 

Place the popcorn and sprinkles in a large bowl. Pour over the syrupy mixture, and toss around liberally, adding more sprinkles as needed. 

Birthday cake popcorn is a delicious kids treat, but let’s be real, adults will indulge too!

Interested in hosting a children's (or adult) birthday party in our kitchens with your own birthday popcorn? Just fill out the form to get in touch with our Events Team. 

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