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Happy New Year 4716!

Posted by Beth on Jan 22, 2018


I’ve never been one to get excited about traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations. As soon as Christmas is in my rear-view mirror, I swear off all jingly music, shiny paper, and the rich, heavy food that accompanies it. Then, after a couple of weeks, I start to re-emerge from my house and go explore the city again. The air may be cold, but I have found something fun to look forward to – The Lunar, or “Chinese” New Year. 

For years, my sister and I would get together with a couple of friends, and catch an early train to Chinatown. We’d get hot teas, and stand on Wentworth to watch the New Year parade, complete with drums, dancing, and dragons.  When it was done, we’d huddle together and find a restaurant for Dim Sum. We would wait with countless others for over an hour, just to have a chance to taste a variety of perfect, pillowy little dumplings made of pork, shrimp, or even taro root.



My sister and I are older now. We’re still going to this year’s parade, but we’re celebrating our New Year meal a little differently.  Fortunately for us, The Chopping Block is hosting a selection of hands-on classes to teach us some of our favorite dishes.

For example, Chinese New Year Feast will feature favorites like Kung Pao Chicken and Sczechwan Green Beans. We have sessions on Tuesday, February 20 at the Mart and Sunday, February 18 at Lincoln SquareDim Sum and Then Some classes are already sold out, but you can get our Chicken Bao recipe that you will learn in this class here. There’s even a Kids Cooking Class of Chinese Favorites featuring Chicken Fried Rice and Shrimp Potstickers.

We may not have the fancy silver carts anymore, but we won’t have to wait with the crowds either. That definitely sounds like a good New Year to me. Gong Hey Fat Choy!

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