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Supper in a Snap is Your Solution to Weeknight Meals

Posted by Precious on Jul 26, 2016

We all lead busy lives. Whether you work a 9-5, 7-7 job or are a stay at home mom/dad, it can be hard to get a quick and healthy meal on the table every evening. The Chopping Block's new series, Supper in a Snap, is here to help!  

One of the recent Supper in a Snap classes I attended was about how to make Pulled Chicken Tacos. I make steak, chicken or shrimp tacos quite often so I loved the thought of making tacos another way. Supper in a Snap classes are taught in a cozy setting at our Merchandise Mart location with only eight seats. From start to finish, it took the chef about 30 minutes to complete the meal. That doesn’t include the 5-10 minutes it may take you to get everything set up. 

Supper in a SnapChef Maria Clementi started by boiling the chicken in water with smashed garlic and salt.

Boil ChickenWhile the chicken was boiling, Maria began prep on the jicama slaw, which was very quick to make. She sliced the jicama very thin and cut into strips, but you could also use a grater. 

jicama stripsAfter giving us a little Knife Skills lesson with the jicama, Maria then chopped scallions and cilantro and grated carrrots.

green oniongrate carrotsShe seasoned the slaw with ancho chili powder, sugar, salt, pepper and fresh lime juice. While the slaw sat so that the flavors could meld Maria took the chicken out of the water. While the chicken was cooling down, she cut some onion and pre-heated a skillet she would use to finish off the chicken.

chop onionMaria added grapeseed oil to the skillet and sautéed the onions. Once the onions had a nice golden brown color, she added cumin and let the dry spice cook for 30 seconds before she added the chicken, chicken stock and hot sauce.

brown onionsShe cooked the pulled chicken until it was heated through, added a bit more salt and pepper and served up the delicious tacos. 

Pull chickenI was amazed at how quickly everything came together! I think I'll even have time to add a cilantro rice to round the meal out when I make these at home.  

Pulled Chicken TacosThis is the second Supper in a Snap class that I’ve attended, and the meals are always quick and very flavorful. Your family will never know that you made the meal in under an hour. These demonstration cooking classes are offered every Monday at 6:30pm at the Mart. Check out the amazing menus we have coming up. And if you love tacos as much as I do, don't miss our Taco Tuesdays every Tuesday at noon at the Mart. It's a lunchtime cooking class with a different type of taco every week!


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