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Hidden Treasure of Chicago

Posted by Anna on Apr 22, 2015

When you have a friend coming to Chicago for the first time, where do you take them? What places do you put on your "must see" list to make sure Chicago will leave a great impression? How about a small bar with a friendly entrance full of lightning blue skulls? That's definitely the one for me!


I am talking about Three Dots And A Dash, a hidden treasure of Chicago. Why hidden? The entrance is actually in the alley next to a modest gentleman in an aloha-print shirt. Once you get in the door, get ready for an adventure to a tropical island full of tropical-inspired drinks with everything from coconut and pineapple, to passion fruit, mango and guava.


The menu is colorful with pictures of each cocktail next to it. You can pick based on ingredients, or just because the way the cocktail looks. Either way, rum is the captain here - literally - some of the cocktails will have 3 different varieties of rum. This posed a bit of a challenge. Imagine trying to explain the cocktail’s flavors to a someone who doesn't speak English by translating each drink ingredient-by-ingredient: “Oh, and in this one on you have rum, rum and once again rum!” Challenge accepted!


Three Dots and a Dash also has a great variety of appetizers.They may not be enough to fill you up after running around the city all day, but they’re unique enough to make you stop and think a while about which ones you want to try.


To finish off the night, you can take home any of the mugs your cocktails were served in for $20 each. Pricey, you say? Maybe, but it makes a great souvenir for somebody from out of town. Plus, my friend picked one with the word “Chicago” proudly displayed across it.


Our adventure to the ocean island full of rum was memorable. We liked most of the cocktails we tried, and we left wanting to come back and try more next time. If you decide to hit up this bar, I suggest making your reservation online; they have a limited amount of seats, and were packed even early on a Monday night. This place is great for groups too. In fact, my colleague Gina voted the Treasure Chest: Best Group Sharing Drink.


















Or, you could always host your own “Treasure Island” adventure at home. We just started carrying a fantastic selection of craft spirits including Cana Brava Rum from Panama, Old New Orleans 3 yr. Amber Rum and Tequila Cabeza from Mexico at The Chopping Block. We also have a fabulous new Tiki collection, including everything from mugs to candles, to pair with your favorite rum. So stop by The Chopping Block and feel the island breeze while sipping tropical cocktails during your very own Tiki Party. After all, summer is coming!


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