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Get Must-Have Kitchen Tools During our Sale at the Mart

    It's almost spring in Chicago, and for me personally, that means spring cleaning, organizing closets and sorting through my kitchen. I'm sure you can relate. Right now, I am looking at my spice ...

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The Elusive Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal

  Americans are obsessed with convenience. I don’t blame us; it’s nice having products and services available that take small, time consuming tasks off our hands, so we can focus on the things we ...

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How to Get Started with Specialty Coffee at Home

  Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Millions of people start their day by stopping at their local cafe for their daily dose of caffeine. Yet many still prefer to brew their own.

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Experimenting with Pulses

  One of the things I like about working at The Chopping Block is that our team shares their culinary experience and encourages everyone to experiment with different ingredients and cooking ...

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Five Tips for Better Chili

  I know, I know. You already have the world's greatest, undisputed, competition-winning-if-you’d-ever-submit-it chili recipe. You have that special tequnique of stirring counter-clockwise in your ...

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Seed to Sip Coffee

When my husband and I first started roasting, I knew nothing about coffee. I was a tea person. Coffee was not something I really ever thought about, let alone considered roasting. I didn't even ...

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Chicago Garden

I grew up homesteading and living off of the vegetables we grew, so having a vegetable garden has always been a way of life. I have never been able to shake the desire to play in the dirt or to ...

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