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Get the Kids in the Kitchen for Mother's Day

Growing up, were you the kid who helped your mom in the kitchen or did you just show up to the table when it was time to eat? If I had to pick one, it was definitely showing up to eat. However, I ...

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App Pops

  A couple of weeks ago my husband & I went to an event that had the best appetizers! They were generously passed with little signs on the trays as to what they were. Not only were they delicious, ...

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Top 10 Salads for Fall

There are few things in internet life that are better than top 10 lists. They involve a nice round number. They are concise and to the point. Sure, for speed’s sake you might jump over to a top 5 ...

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Got a Surplus of Apples? Make Easy Apple Butter

I love apples. So, what better way to embrace the apple season than going to pick your own? My family and I went apple picking at Crane Orchard in Fennville, Michigan a few weeks ago. We love this ...

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Taking the Tradition out of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but it seems to be so stressful for so many people. It’s their first time cooking. They are trying to impress so and so. Somebody is a vegan. Managing to make all ...

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Recipe Redo: Pasta with Tomatoes, Bleu Cheese & Basil

Have you ever picked up one of those free recipes they give out in grocery stores? I recently picked up “Pasta with Tomatoes, Bleu Cheese & Basil” because it sounded good at first glance.

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Ode to My Favorite Restaurant

In a city of over 6,000 restaurants, I lucked out. One of my very favorites happens to be three blocks away from my apartment. Rootstock is on the corner of California and Augusta in Humboldt Park, ...

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