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Dry Your Eye: How to Chop Onions without Crying

A very kind and tolerant person once said “There are no stupid questions.” I think there are lots of stupid questions, like “Will this holographic Charizard card be worth enough for retirement?” or ...

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How Chloe Found Her Knife Skills Groove

At one point in my life, I was a young, unsophisticated human in the kitchen. I didn’t know a julienne from a batonnet cut. I didn’t know why onions make me cry, and how to prevent that. I didn’t ...

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Life List: Learn to Use a Knife

Cooking, and food, were passions I shared with my dad. Every Thanksgiving, while the rest of my family stayed far away, I would spend the day with him in the kitchen – dressing the turkey, preparing ...

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What to Do with Your Knife Skills Veggies

My Knife Skills students love the idea of taking home all of their newly chopped vegetables. But they come up short when contemplating what to make with them. I encourage my students to make ...

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Stay Sharp with our Knife Trunk Show

Finding the right knife is like finding the perfect pair of shoes – you just know: the way it feels in your hand, the ease in which it glides across the cutting board, and the undeniable feeling of ...

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