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Flan: the Most Heavenly Caramel Custard

  My husband and I hosted Mother's Day brunch at our house last weekend, and although it's a lot of work, I would rather spend quality time with my mom in the comfort of our home rather than a ...

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Reminiscing over Mom’s Custard Pie

  After selling the family home in late 2016, I became the proud owner of some of my Mom’s kitchen items. Her original 1960’s Chrome bullet Mixmaster complete with meat grinder attachment and more ...

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Overcome Your Fear of Desserts

I love having friends over for dinner and sharing my love for food with them. When people walk into my home for a dinner party of any kind, be it an intimate gathering of four or a Thanksgiving table ...

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Canelé – C’est Parfait

Never have I encountered a time where a cup of tea and a pastry seemed inappropriate. There is something so simple in the pairing, and they are certainly satisfying together. The pastry doesn't need ...

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Custard’s Last Stand

As a well-adjusted adult, I feel it is important to identify both strengths and weaknesses in your own character. For example, here are five things in which I am extremely competent:

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Falling for Fall

I am really excited, okay almost delirious, about fall. Here are just some of the things I love about fall: cozy sweaters, the fact my Starbucks order turns from boring iced coffee to pumpkin lattes, ...

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Fifty Flavors of Delicious

I hate the heat!

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Zabaglione Trombone

Anyone who knows me know that I like two things - making things with eggs in it, and pronouncing funny-sounding Italian words, sometimes in a sing-song manner. From those two things, my obsession ...

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You Had Me at Creme Brulee

Crème Brulee continues to be something of a cultural phenomenon in America. This country has found true love with its French counterpart to custard and it has never looked back. Dare I say if one ...

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