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Apple Pie Empanadas: A Perfect Hand-Held Treat

Who doesn’t love empanadas? They are the perfect size hand-held treat, and can be sweet or savory depending on what mood you’re in. Savory empanadas can be filled with meat, seafood, cheese or ...

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Empanadas: A Tasty Miami-Style Handheld Treat

Empanadas are the ultimate snack food. Theses dough-wrapped treats can be filled with a wide variety of fillings ranging from meat, seafood, vegetables and cheese that are typically baked or fried to ...

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Latin Flare at Café Tola

One of the great things about moving apartments is exploring new surroundings. While I have lived in Lakeview for most of my time in Chicago, I seem to pass at least one place every week I haven’t ...

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