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Fancy Figs? Make this Ice Cream

If you have a fig tree (or access to one), you know the season is short and sweet. It's literally about two weeks during early July where I live in Florida. During those couple of weeks, anyone who ...

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Everyone Needs Friends with Figs

I'm lucky enough to have a couple of friends who have a fig tree that produces an abundance of fruit right on schedule every June. Each summer, they are generous enough to give me more than my fair ...

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Fresh Fig Jam in the Fall

I love figs; they are sweet, tangy, and temperamental. Figs are truly a wonder, as they are only ripe for what seems like half a second. The cooler temperatures this summer have extended many growing ...

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Figs Should be a Familiar Fruit

Every day here at The Chopping Block, we create a tasting sample that highlights one of the gourmet ingredients we sell (and use in our own kitchens). We are known for our Truffle Salt popcorn but ...

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Getting Figgy with Balsamic Vinegar

I have always loved the combination of sweet, savory and salty. Sweet and savory can't go hand in hand without salt. Salt bridges the two together to create some pretty incredible flavors.

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