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FYI: What You Need to Know about the Meat You Eat the Most

The humble chicken - the meat you eat the most, and probably spend the least time contemplating. As animal domestication became predominant in our food history, chicken has been highlighted in almost ...

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Cooking Gives Back to the Community

Knowing that I’m obsessed with all things food, my friends will sometimes ask me if the meals I cook for myself are epic. I’ll think about it for a second, knowing the answer I’m about to tell them ...

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We're Proud to be a Part of Chicago's Food Museum

Less than one week ago, Chicago welcomed its first food museum. Foodseum is a free, pop-up museum currently featuring an interactive exhibit "The Hot Dog and Encased Meat of the World." The museum ...

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Homemade for Sale

Do you make the best blueberry jam on the block? Have a cheese straw secret that is requested anytime you attend a party? Are your pickled peppers the talk of the town?

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A Chef's Tour of the National Restaurant Show in Chicago

For the past 96 years, Chicago has hosted the National Restaurant Show, or NRA. Unfortunately, the four-day show is not open to the public, but it’s considered a sort of Disneyland for chefs and ...

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Zero Percent Food Waste

Here at The Chopping Block, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. We know that within our kitchens we have the ability to get the country to cook through the hands on ...

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