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Welcome Braising Season with Roulade and Dumplings

  Time is flying by this year, and we are already planning our holiday offerings, both virtually and in-person at Lincoln Square. We are also continuing to offer outdoor grilling classes, and we've ...

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Stuffed Cabbage Soup

  It’s officially Fall, y’all! I am welcoming Fall with open arms – and soup. I absolutely love soups and stews. We enjoy many different soups all throughout these cooler seasons. Our favorites are ...

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Desserts on the Grill: Have you Tried Grilling Fruit?

As you probably already know if you receive our handy newsletter, we are now offering in-person classes at our Lincoln Square location as well as cooking boot camps, with subjects ranging from ...

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Drinking Beer From the Oldest Brewery in the World (Maybe)

  I've noticed several trends in how chefs pair wine for our classes, but the one that makes me laugh the most is when they choose beer. I find this funny because there's always a small amount of ...

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Understanding German Wine

  I love German wines. It's bad, really bad. If this was high school I'd be scribbling, “Justin loves Riesling,” in the margins of all my notebooks and have a picture of the Mosel valley taped to the ...

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Street Food Delights from Germany

  I just returned from Germany, where I spent the holidays with my family and indulged in a lot of different street foods. I have to admit: it is quite nice to travel on Christmas day since everyone ...

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Warm Up with Gluehwein this Holiday Season

  As a German living in Chicago for a while now, I have embraced the American holidays, especially Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is basically a “friends-giving” holiday since I usually spend it ...

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The Importance of a Good Knife

Every chef or home cook has their favorite tool, gadget or piece of equipment that they can’t live without. For most experienced culinary professionals, it's their favorite knife. Since it's our ...

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Cooking for a Child-Friendly Brunch

A good friend called me the other day about getting together at a restaurant for Sunday brunch. I hadn’t met with him, his wife and their two adorable 7-year-old twin girls in what seemed like ages. ...

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TV & Wine Night

I have a confession to make. I have the absolute worst taste in TV in the history of all viewers. I'm actually a Real Housewives fanatic! BH and NYC all the way (but retro NYC because I miss ...

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