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6 Ways to Eat More Sustainably

  I love food. I love eating, I love cooking, and I love entertaining. But here’s the thing. I also love the Earth. And the more I learn about the way our eating habits negatively affect the Earth, ...

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Hawaiian Wedding Planning: Part One

Last year, one of my good friends asked me to cater his wedding rehearsal dinner in Michigan and, of course, I said “Yes!” A weekend in Michigan, hanging out with a couple hundred of my closest ...

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Keeping Food on Tables, Out of Landfills

I recently watched a TED talk by Tristram Stuart called The Global Food Waste Scandal. This guy is awesome! Stuart travels the globe doing research on the amount of food produced in and for a ...

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You Say Tomato, I Say Toh-OMG-gimme-one

Like lots of people, I often crave things that aren’t that good for me: chilled Diet Coke over ice, the perfect potato chip, pastries/breads/pasta/anything with enriched white flour. You know, the ...

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Summertime Treats

The Chicago winter is finally behind us and now it is time to celebrate spring and summer. This includes seasonal indulgences of all kinds. Of course, first and foremost, we pay homage to the fresh, ...

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Food Fraud

Earlier this year, it was reported that food fraud was up 60% from previous years. What is food fraud? Food fraud is when manufactures put fillers into food products without listing these additives ...

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Cooking Like our Ancestors

Last Sunday, I taught a class on charcuterie. It was a great opportunity to see that people are considering this style of cooking at home, rather than just going to a restaurant and ordering ...

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Summer Simplicity

The simple things in life are usually the most enjoyable. This especially holds true for food and drink. Not that I don’t enjoy a multi-course taste bud adventure at one of our Windy City’s fantastic ...

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Weight No More

As long as I can remember, my weight has been an issue for me. Weight loss programs, shakes, pills: I've tried them all. Not until Weight Watchers came into my life, did I begin to find the success I ...

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Summer Musts

So here we are, in the middle of the summer, and I can think of nothing better than sitting outside, enjoying the warm summer evenings. Whether it be grilling out on my Big Green Egg with friends, ...

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