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Beet Hummus is your Gateway to Loving Beets

If you haven't yet jumped on the beet bandwagon, consider this your official invitation! Beets are truly one of nature's vibrant treasures, and there's no better way to dive in than with a delicious ...

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Falafel-Bulgur Burgers: A Mediterranean-Inspired Meat-Free Option

I love a charred juicy cheeseburger with all the fixin’s, but every once and a while it’s nice to have a healthy, meat-free alternative. Most people, when they think of vegetarian burger options, ...

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Instantly Mediterranean

If you love your Instant Pot and air fryer as much as I do, or even if you haven't even taken your appliances out of the box yet, today is a big day. Instantly Mediterranean by Emily Paster is here, ...

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The Diet of the Decade

I know what you’re thinking. New year, new me, new diet…. What fad diet shall I choose to follow this year? While we understand the appeal of fad diets, nutrition experts are typically not huge fans ...

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6 Ways to Make Your Diet More Mediterranean

Of all the places on my list to travel, Greece has always been at the top. I recently had the pleasure of checking this one off the list. The most common post trip question has been, what was your ...

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Kofta Kebabs with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Growing up in a typical Midwest family, we didn’t really venture into much ethnic cooking other than spaghetti and tacos. And I really wouldn’t call those two foods all that ethnic the way we cooked ...

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Tabouleh, Tabbouleh or Tabbouli

It doesn’t matter how you spell it, it’s a healthy and delicious side dish! Tabbouleh is a Lebanese dish that is typically made of parsley, mint, tomatoes, onion, bulgur and seasoned with olive oil, ...

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