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Minestrone for your Knife Skills Vegetable Bounty

Every few weeks The Chopping Block hosts a Knife Skills class, which I quickly found to be incredibly valuable for any developing cook. Over the span of a two hour course, I witness twelve eager home ...

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Want to Live to be 100? Cook the Right Foods

If you’re like me, your cookbooks are getting a workout during these stay-at-home days. I find it’s easier to keep busy and refrain from wallowing when engaged in physical tasks. Of course cooking ...

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One Pot of Bolognese = Five Different Dishes

My late husband never ate leftovers growing up. His mom prepared exactly enough food for that dinner each night and that was that. He told me that he never even heard the word leftover until he went ...

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Autumn is Upon Us

Whether we want to admit it or not, the chilly weather of autumn is slowly descending upon Chicago. The undesirable weather change gives us all a real good reason to dust off the crock pots and Dutch ...

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