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Behind the Scenes of Shooting a Cookbook

A few months ago, The Chopping Block team sent me over a document full of mouth-watering recipes, and I started taking photos for what will someday soon be a beautiful digital cookbook. As I am ...

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Butter Boards

I was mindlessly scrolling through social media one day, and I happened to come across a new recipe that I am so excited to try. The latest trend in communal eating is butter boards! The pictures and ...

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Stack your Food

I was looking back on my food pictures on my phone, and I noticed one thing recently... I love stacked food. Simply stated, stacked food (or vertical food) is food you make in or serve in layers to ...

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The Art of Sushi

Sushi. There is a lot to be said about sushi. There are also a lot of key components that go into high quality sushi – things like properly seasoned rice and the freshest of fish. Unmistakably, nice ...

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Say Cheese... Platters

One of my favorite things to do at The Chopping Block, besides teaching cooking classes of course, is making cheese platters. I know that it may seem like a weird thing to obsess over, but for some ...

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Platter Presentation and Table Display

Now that we are in the middle of holiday entertaining season, you may be busy planning a party. You'll want to consider decor and presentation, as well as the menu itself. I find platter presentation ...

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How to Present your Food

I’ve been thinking a lot about atmosphere and aesthetics these days and how it affects our experience of food and dining. I know most people care about appearance on some level, the most basic being ...

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