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All About Asparagus

  Spring has arrived and with it comes one of my favorite vegetables: asparagus! While asparagus is luckily usually found year-round in grocery stores, like most produce, it has a peak season. You ...

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Get the Kids in the Kitchen for Mother's Day

Growing up, were you the kid who helped your mom in the kitchen or did you just show up to the table when it was time to eat? If I had to pick one, it was definitely showing up to eat. However, I ...

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Gumbo YaYa: A Lesson in the Louisiana Soup

  Once we are able to safely travel again, New Orleans is at the top of my list, specifically for Jazz Fest which is hopefully happening in the fall. Not only does this city have the most amazing ...

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A Slice of Pie Goes a Long Way

The fall weather has finally hit Chicago and I don’t know about you, but I cheated and grabbed my first bit of pumpkin spice September 1st. And I fully admit it, it was a latte. At this point it’s ...

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Taking a Risk in the Kitchen

Have you seen the movie "Chef"? Although I’m not sure if it will receive a lot of awards, I am sure that this film portrays someone who is inspired and takes a risk. I like to think I'm headed down ...

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How (Not) To Make Bread Pudding

My partner and I have very different ideas about cooking, especially when it comes to recipes. Since I'm pretty new to the whole 'making food for myself' game, and largely self taught, I still depend ...

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How to Scale a Recipe

Ever wanted to understand how to double your favorite recipe? Increasing or decreasing a recipe is referred to as “scaling a recipe,” and it really is an art. Now, it's relatively simple to double a ...

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Saving a Salty Dish from Demise

I’ve written before about how I like to take random ingredients from the refrigerator and pantry and make a meal out of them. I was going to share a similar recent experience when I found some ground ...

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Apple Fest Aftermath

We are coming off an Apple Pie high here at The Chopping Block after last weekend's Apple Fest in Lincoln Square. We literally baked hundreds of pies for this event, 350 to be exact. I was part of ...

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Cooking Lab: An Experiment in Cooking without Recipes

Sadly, I’ve taken few cooking classes since I started working at The Chopping Block nearly two years ago, so I decided to make up for it with the latest Cooking Lab series. It took place over four ...

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