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Turn to Your Slow Cooker for Summer Chicken Salads

You don’t usually hear “slow cooker” and “summer” in the same sentence. However, I have a trick up my sleeve that makes a lot of delicious summer creations all the easier… and that is, cooking a ...

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Put your Slow Cooker to Work this Holiday Season

  There's a dish I love to make during the holiday season, especially now that it's getting colder. I served it on Friendsgiving this year, but it's very non-traditional in many ways.

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Taking Things Slow with your Crock Pot

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am not a lazy person. I know, I know: The Queen doth protest too much! But we all have our moments. We all have our days. Those days when we come home ...

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Perfect Potluck Portions

Our church has a potluck the first Sunday of every month. I work every Saturday night and always struggle to think of what I can easily make that will feed a bunch of people and not require much ...

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In a Rush? Four Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People

One of the biggest barriers to eating healthy is not having enough time. However with these 4 smart tips you can eat healthy on even your busiest days.

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The Joy of Slow Cooking

My husband and I were out running errands the other night, and we wanted to pick up something for dinner. We really didn't know what we wanted, but found a take out menu that had short ribs braised ...

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Basic Blizzard Chili

What to do when you're snowed in? What else? Cook!

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