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Vegan Pumpkin Tamales with Black Bean "Mole"

    We’ve all been through major life changes. Whether voluntary or mandated, lifestyle or dietary, you know that when you make changes, things, well, change! If you have recently moved to a vegan ...

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Homemade Tamales: Check This Off Your Bucket List

  Who doesn’t love tamales? Masa dough with a sweet or savory filling wrapped in a corn husk, steamed to fluffy perfection is the way I like to sum up this delicious Mexican dish. But this is ...

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Celebrate Tamale Season

For Thanksgiving, I didn’t grow up eating green bean casseroles, canned cranberry sauce, or soggy bread that was shoved in a turkey cavity and left to cook there. Nope! Thanksgiving meant using ...

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Tamales are Red Hot

Hot tamales and they're red hot, yes she got 'em for sale

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Tamale Workshop

There were two things I always wanted to make, but found too daunting to attempt – bread and tamales. Luckily for me, The Chopping Block offers classes for both. I’ve taken How to Bake Bread and ...

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What Can't You Put in a Waffle Iron?

My friends and I like to lay on the beach and think about different foods to waffle. I know that probably sounds really strange, but it's a fun way to spend a vacation. It started four years ago when ...

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Street Food of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Walking in Puerto Vallarta, you can't help but notice the many food stands and restaurants that line the streets and beach. Witnessing the colorful plates wrapped in plastic with steaming tacos, ...

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Praise The Lard

Butter is wonderful, isn’t it? So flavorful; so comforting; so rich and mellow; and, on top of everything else, so versatile. I tend to use a large amount of butter in my cooking demonstrations as a ...

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Better Late Than Never

Late night eating is something I keep very close to my heart. Not only emotionally, but also I spill things on my chest when I’m eating and it’s dark out. Recently, my good friend and I had quite a ...

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Keep On Truckin'

When I'm not working at The Chopping Block, I'm working at the University of Chicago, which lately has become a hotbed of food truck activity. Every day, at least half a dozen food trucks line the ...

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