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How about Breakfast for Dinner?

  Adjusting to a new routine, as we go through these strange times, may be a challenge; however, we may actually find that we can break away from it and have some fun, especially in the kitchen!

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How Quarantining Taught my Kids to Cook

  Another Covid-19 quarantine day. Another dinner to plan. Ugh. It had started out with so much promise. Now that my state’s stay-at-home order had eliminated my daily Uber-mom driving duties, I ...

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The Great Bubbly Debate: Champagne vs. Prosecco vs. Sparkling Rosé

Bubbles should not only be reserved for New Year's Eve or special occasions. I tend to enjoy the crisp, fizzy deliciousness of sparkling wine year-round, with and without the addition of orange juice ...

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Kitchen Tips and Tricks

This month I want to offer a few of my favorite kitchen tips and tricks. These are all small things that make cooking (and eating) much more enjoyable.

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Les Brothers Pancake House

Last Sunday, Dave and I wanted to try somewhere different for brunch, so rather than slip into our usual routine we jumped in the car and decided to drive around the area until we ‘found’ something! ...

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What’s Up with Brunch?

I’ll admit it: I don’t like breakfast and brunch isn’t much better. Don’t get me wrong; I love the idea of morning eating. I am certainly hungry morning, midday, afternoon and evening. It’s just that ...

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Get Saucy

Oh yes, you can make simple & satisfying sauces that don’t have belly-busting butter, mayo or cream as the base! My class this month explores flavorful sauces made from slimming & nourishing ...

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