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Seeds in the Dirt, Grow Grow Grow; Help Me With My Garden

It may be hard to believe, but spring is nearing. Hard to believe, not because it feels like winter just began, but because (at least where I live) it feels like it never began at all. Here in ...

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Asparagus Every Which Way but Steamed, Roasted or Grilled

It is that time of year again: asparagus season! Perhaps this time of year has lost some of its luster, some of its connection with the long-awaited Spring in the Midwest, since we can get asparagus ...

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Your New Favorite Spring Soup

As far as holiday dinners go, I think my favorite is Easter dinner. It wasn’t always that way, though. Back in the day, when my sister bought her first house, Thanksgiving quickly became her holiday ...

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Sugar and SPICE & Everything Nice

Yup, that's what little girls are made of, but this also reminds me of Knox Spice rubs.

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