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Carrie finally found her culinary niche as a Chef Instructor for The Chopping Block in May 2008, but only after a hilariously traumatic demonstration interview (of which you will have to attend one of her classes to hear about). She gets a thrill of sharing the things she’s learned about food and cooking with others and the memories and experiences around food that have made her who she is today. Her hope is to take away the apprehension people have of cooking by pouring on her southern hospitality and charm and having fun in the kitchen. When she isn’t cooking, you can usually find her at a concert, a neighborhood restaurant or just hanging out with friends and enjoying their company.

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A 20 Year Classic of The Chopping Block: Crab Cakes

  I hadn’t cooked dinner in a while for my friends and wanted to make them something special. So I decided to make crab cakes. It all starts with real crab. This recipe has several ingredients, ...

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Resist the Drive-Thru in Favor of Quick Healthy Meals

All I wanted to do was pull up to the bright light, speak my order into the backlit menu, order a burger and fries, then sit on the couch and relax. I’m just like you, but my schedule fluctuates: ...

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Cast Iron Conundrum: Le Creuset or Lodge?

The answer to this question is YES! I actually suggest both of these brands. While they are both cast iron and can perform many of the same functions, I’ve found it worthwhile to have several styles ...

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Prickly Pear Margaritas are Fun Summer Cocktails

I’ve always been intrigued with the vibrant pink color of the prickly pear. A couple of weeks ago, I spotted some on sale while grocery shopping. I figured… why not? It’s my day off so let’s make ...

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Make Summer Pesto Now for Year-Round Use

Pesto changes everything.  It’s amazing with pasta, vegetables, poultry, seafood, pork or great as a spread for a sandwich.  Whatever your preference, it’s a great recipe to know. Now is my favorite ...

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How to Make Homemade Nutella

I’ve debated purchasing a Vitamix for years. Will I use it? Is the expense worth it? As a professional chef, I’ve known the answer all along. The answer is yes!

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Food Evokes Memories

You know what I’m talking about when I say food evokes memories. It’s the smell of your mom’s homemade biscuits that used to wake you up on Sunday morning, the sound of popcorn being popped that ...

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Vegetable Enchiladas are Easy and Healthy

Most of us need to incorporate more vegetables into our diet. Why not wrap them in a corn tortilla and cover them with tomatillo salsa? I wanted to cook something fairly healthy to give to some ...

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Focaccia: The Perfect Dinner Party Dish

I recently made dinner for my best friends, and told them I would make anything they wanted. They weren’t craving anything in particular, so I headed to the grocery store to see what produce stood ...

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Artisanal Grits are True Southern Food

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