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Erica F

Erica F
Erica is a Class Assistant at The Chopping Block. A recent transplant from Los Angeles, where she ran a non-profit arts and music venue and cooked up a storm for all her guests, she now enjoys exploring Chicago’s many neighborhoods and incorporating her culinary finds into new recipes. A world traveler, Erica’s favorite way to get to know a new culture is through its food and her favorite thing about working at The Chopping Block is getting to share her love of exotic cuisine with her students.

Recent Posts

Do the Hokey-Poké

I just returned from a fantastic 10-day trip to Hawaii with my family. We really took advantage of all that the island had to offer. From the crystal clear waters to the incredibly fresh seafood and ...

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A Royal Recipe: Meghan & Harry’s Lemon Elderflower Petit Fours

I’m obsessed with the upcoming Royal Wedding. As an L.A. girl who studied in London and always dreamed of bumping into some secret royal at the local Tesco and being swept off my feet, this is my ...

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You say Potato, I say Patata with an Easy Spanish Omelette

Tortilla de Patatas (potato omelette) is as ubiquitous in Spain as it is delicious. This potato omelette is found in tapas bars where it is served warm or cold, topped with aioli or not, full of ...

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Insta-Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

I finally succumbed to the pressure of the Instant Pot. I’d been curious about them for awhile but between my slow and steady Crock Pot (See Taking Things Slow With Your Crock Pot) with reliable ...

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The Best Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and Grits are one of my all-time favorite meals. For breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, if they are on a menu, I’m ordering them! I’ve eaten them all over the country in every variation ...

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Combat the Cold with Cowgirl Chili

Last week a few of my co-workers gathered together to test our skills and face judgement by our peers in a Chopping Block Chili Cook-Off. The chilis were varied, the competition fierce and the ...

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Go Dutch Baby

Dutch Babies have been a Forneret-family obsession since we first discovered them at a pancake house in Palm Springs many years ago. Eggy, crisp and lightly sweet, these instantly became a must-order ...

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Culinary Adventure on the Orient Express

This past summer my family and I set off across Europe for an adventure of a lifetime on the Venice Simplon Orient Express. The trip was a journey back in time as we retraced the historic route made ...

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Casual Cassoulet

These rainy fall days have me craving one of my favorite comfort dishes - cassoulet. This traditional French dish is a hearty mix of duck confit, pork and beans that warmed farmer’s bellies for the ...

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A Kebab, a Calzone and a Pita Walk into a Bar

I just got back from a whirlwind vacation across Europe, gorging my way through five countries before rolling into Istanbul. Ahhh Istanbul--land of lamb chops so pink that even Mary would have had a ...

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