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Isabel is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has grown up working on Wisconsin farms, has cooked and organized within the Slow Food movement, and has been a class assistant at The Chopping Block since 2019. She likes to bring a farm-to-table, nutrition focus with food and has some budget-friendly tips from her work with a Chicago food pantry as well. She loves to explore local restaurants, record stores, and websites of available foster dogs for when she can find a bigger apartment.

Recent Posts

White vs. Brown Rice: The Final Battle

"My Korean ancestors would smite me where I stand today if I tried to use brown rice in gimbap. So, we are using white rice.”

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4 Nutrition Hacks in the Kitchen

We all know food itself is the basic ingredient (pun intended) of nutrition, but did you know that what you do in the kitchen can scientifically impact the nutrition of your foods as well?

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Diet Culture: The Biggest “Detox” We All Need

With summer in full swing, juice detoxes, gluten-free cleanses, and 14-day bikini body diets are everywhere. We all know someone who has tried one if we haven’t ourselves. While it may initially seem ...

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Boldly Nutritious: Harissa-Roasted Potatoes & Chickpeas

You know that one friend who inspires you to reinvigorate your wardrobe? They make a colorful, printed head-to-toe pantsuit seem chic, but effortless enough for everyday life? They can wear an ...

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What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day Treats

What is the perfect food gift for the superhumans of the world? We all know mothers deserve more than just the one option of a mass-produced, standard box of chocolates. I mean, these women do ...

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Hangry: The Psychology of Food

Hangry. There’s your food and mood in one word. But how does it actually work? How does a food that we eat (or don’t eat) travel in our bodies to control our brains to tell us we can’t focus on an ...

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Celebrate a World of Flavors: National Nutrition Month

My favorite thing about Chicago is the food. Specifically, the fact that I can go on a 15 minute walk and potentially get authentic bibimbap from the impossibly small counter-service kitchen in the ...

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Make a Valentine out of Green Leafy Vegetables for Heart Health Month

February is heart health month! We wouldn’t have the capability to love or be loved without the amazing muscles that are our hearts (I mean… we’d literally die… but that’s not the route I was going ...

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The Most Popular Protein in the Room

Whatever room you’re in, anytime, anywhere, with anyone, what is always the most popular protein in the room? No, it’s not beef. Not chicken either. Nope, not even eggs. It’s collagen. Collagen is ...

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Once Upon a Jar of Coconut Oil

Just like Smash Mouth’s “All Star” hit, coconut oil is past its peak but still appears in our daily lives. Touted as a belly fat blaster, an appetite suppressant and even an Alzheimer's treatment, ...

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