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In Jacqueline's time as a chef instructor at The Chopping Block, she has learned the only thing she loves more than cooking itself it to teach cooking! To see the delight and often surprise on someone's face when they taste a delicious dish of their own making is pure joy to her. "We all have to eat, why not have it be a pleasurable experience as often as possible?!" While classically trained in French technique, Jacqueline loves the street food and home cooking of all cultures. In her spare time, she loves to papercraft, entertain, practice yoga, travel, swim and dance.

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The Only Four Knives You Need in Your Kitchen

Knives are to cooking like addition and subtraction are to math. They are the basic building blocks upon which most of cooking is built. Now, you may be thinking that's so boring (at least that’s ...

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Speedy Simple Supper: Creamy Broccoli Soup with Cheddar

The holidays are in full swing. Soirees, holiday parties and family get-togethers have filled your days and nights for the past few weeks. Perhaps you even celebrated with us at The Chopping Block as ...

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A Twist and a “Roll” on Thanksgiving Leftovers

I am going to admit something that could get me into trouble. I don’t really like Thanksgiving turkey. In fact, I actually dislike it. I much prefer a roasted chicken with its crispy skin and tender ...

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Mull this Perfect Spicy and Sweet Halloween Treat Over

Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, apple and orange are all the classic scents and tastes of fall. Add to that candy, costumes, candy, pranks, candy, scary scenes, oh, did I mention CANDY – and you ...

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